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But I Love Snacking...

The hardest part of losing weight is that you have to be in a caloric deficit. By the nature of being in a caloric deficit you will inevitably be hungry. The larger the deficit, more than likely the hungrier you will be. For most people this hunger will eventually lead to snacking and going off the rails. So the question is how do we prevent this?

Most people snack when

  • They're hungry at night watching tv.

  • If they're out with family or friends and they give in to social pressure.

  • They didn't plan their next meals.

  • They're stressed.

  • They're bored.

  • They're craving something sweet or salty.

How do we limit the urge to snack?

  • You can limit carbohydrates during the morning and afternoon and have the bulk of your carbohydrates later in the evening and at night. This is called carb back-loading.

  • Letting family and friends know that you're on a fat loss journey and asking for support.

  • As you get further in the fat loss journey, you should be more accustom to planning your next meal.

  • Stress typically involves one or two reactions from people. They either over eat or under eat. During these periods try to eat as you normally would and find other outlets for stress such as, exercise.

  • Attempt to find other creative, meaningful things to occupy your time.

  • Enjoy low calorie alternatives for things that are sweet and salty. Foods such as, Zevia soda, Gatorade Zero and I can't believe it's not butter spray can help to satisfy cravings.

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