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Maintenance Week 1

Now we've finished the weight loss journey and the goal is to maintain the weight you've lost. To achieve this we want to be in a macronutrient range to where we aren't gaining or losing significant weight. It is normal for your body weight to fluctuate due to your sleep, stress level and water intake. Over the course of a week these fluctuations should be minor, it's important not to overreact if you wake up a pound or two heavier. Rather, look at the weekly trend. If your bodyweight is trending up a pound or two over the course of a week, then you may be able to conclude you've gained weight and inversely the same applies for losing weight.

My current goal is to maintain my weight for the next 2-4 weeks before beginning another 8-10 week diet. I will include weekly maintenance updates illustrating my progress and providing information to help you maintain your weight.


.80 grams


.50 grams


.25 grams

Cardio: 5 times a week for 30 minutes

Strength training: 5 times a week

-If you are still losing weight and want to maintain what you've already lost:

add 5% carbs

-If you are still losing weight and want to maintain what you've lost and you aren't tracking macronutrients:

add a serving of carbs

My Maintenance phase


280 grams


210 grams


45 grams

End Diet Weight

210.8 lbs

Current Weight

211.2 lbs

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