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The Completion Of The 2022 Weightloss Journey

We finally made it to the end of our weightloss journey. Its been 13 solid weeks of dieting. My aim was to provide you with the knowledge of what makes up your food and in turn your diet. I wanted to provide you with more than what a calorie is, I wanted to equip you with the knowledge of macronutrients. I also wanted to provide you with basic knowledge of how to adjust your macronutrients in order to achieve weightloss, mainly your carbohydrates and fats. Ive also provided you with tools to avoid a weightloss plateau including carb cycling as well as adjusting your cardio and strength training. In addition I also provided you with insight on what it looks like when I go through a diet phase. I hope you have developed a greater understanding of the foods you eat and weightless in general.

Following this 13 week diet phase I recommend bringing calories up to maintenance level (enough calories to maintain weight). In order to let your body recover, reduce cravings and the need for bingeing unnecessarily. From there you can slowly increase carbohydrates and fats.

My plan going forward is to enter a maintenance phase for 2-4 weeks followed by another diet for 8-10 weeks. You can follow along here for updates regarding the maintenance phase and for my subsequent diet.

Maintenance- Maintaining weight



.80 grams


.50 grams


.25 grams

Cardio- 3-4 days a week for 20-30 minutes

Strength training- 3-4 days a week

For those that aren't tracking macros

For maintenance-

3 meals with carbs and protein

1 meal with veggies, protein and fats

My maintenance phase

Starting weight 230 lbs

Finishing weight 210.8 lbs

10 weeks Goal 195 lbs


280 g


210 g


45 g

Cardio- 5 days a week for 30 minutes

Total lost

20 lbs

13 weeks= 1.54 a week

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