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Week 3 Adjustments

This is the third week in the 12 week weight loss journey, things are starting to pick up and the first few weeks are about consistency, tracking your meals, not missing training sessions and following though on cardio sessions. From here changes will pick up and be more drastic.

This weeks changes are...


.8 g per pound of bodyweight


.75 g per pound of bodyweight


.25 g per pound of bodyweight


At this point you should be doing at least 2 days a week of cardio.

  • If you are doing cardio between 15 and 30 minutes add an additional 5 minutes.

  • If you are doing cardio 4 or more days a week for at least 30 minutes adding more cardio is not necessary at this time, just remain consistent.

My Changes


280 g


315 g


55 g

Changes from week 2

-20 g of carbs

This is my body weight chart from the last 2 weeks. Notice I have higher days and lower days, but the trend is downward sloping with lower highs and more consistent lows.

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